Nanjing Electronics: Ordinary diodes are also big business

In the electronic industry chain, people often pay attention to MCU, sensors and storage of these important parts, but there are few concerning about some types of capacitors, resistors, and diodes. At the 2016 Spring Electronics Show in Hong Kong,we paid a special visit to Dongguan Nanjing Electronics Co., LTD., a diode company from Dongguan.

This company, which has only been established for three years, only made the ordinary diode components.At last year, the turnover broke through 60 million.According to its general manager Li Longrong, this year, Nanjing’s turnover will grow at a higher rate.It will continue to develop at high speed in the coming years. All this is due to the positioning of its products and marketing strategies.

Diodes are common components, and if you want to be competitive,you need to start from the source, that is, start from the chip, which is precisely the advantage of Nanjing.


From its establishment, Nanjing will develop and produce chips independently and package its products as an established target.Only in this way can we improve the core competitiveness of the products and control the cost advantage from the source.


What’s more, Nanjing’s fully automated packaging line can greatly improve the diode’s packaging efficiency and quality.The production efficiency of Nanjing’s automatic line is five times higher than that of traditional manual assembly,which reduces the cost of products and enhances market competitiveness.


It is because of these investment in equipment,Nanjing can launch the competitive electronic components such as SOD-123FL, SMAF, SMBF, MBF, MBS, ABF, ABS, UMB and so on.In particular, the SOD123FL and SMAF packaging products have absolute advantages in the market.


Having a good product only means that you have the possibility of success, but if you want to be truly successful, you need other kinds of cooperation, such as sales channels.


“The team of Nanjing has been working in the field of diodes for many years.Besides having an in-depth understanding of the industry, its sales channel is also one of its competitiveness.”


In reference to the future direction of the company, Li said that Nanjing Electronics will continue to invest in semiconductor devices in the next few years. In addition to investment in more new equipment and talents, he will also pay more attention to market trends and keep up with changes in demand.


Nanjing Electronics will not change one thing, that is, every product need to do the best in the industry.As long as we stick to this attitude, Nanjing will become the leader of the industry someday.

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